SeaofSkills Project

The Fisheries sector is recognized as one of the pillars of development at international and European level. The extent of its contribution to sustainable development, economic growth and food security, however, highly depends on the knowledge, skills, and competences of fishers. Within this framework, a nine-partner Consortium from Greece, Turkey, Malta, Ireland and Spain was formed utilizing individual and collective expertise. Based on identified needs, the project “Enriching Fishers' Knowledge, Skills and Competences” [SeaofSkills] funded through the Erasmus+ Programme, has developed education and training material for small-scale fishers. The aim was to reinforce the quality and attractiveness of fishers’ training, while addressing existing needs and requirements within the fisheries and the vocational education and training sectors.

A Quality Partnership

Nine organisations from five countries, namely, Greece, Turkey, Malta, Spain and Ireland formulated the project idea and established the SeaofSkills Consortium. Four principles supported the formation of this Partnership: Expertise, Experience, Geographical Coverage and Vision. More

SeaofSkills Network

Through the implementation of the SeaofSkills project, the network among all types of relevant stakeholders and at different levels, namely, local, national, European, and international level was further strengthened having as a basis the nine-partner SeaofSkills Consortium.

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