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Through a combination of a top-down and a bottom-up procedure, nine partner organisations from five countries, namely, Greece, Turkey, Malta, Spain and Ireland formulated the project idea and established the SeaofSkills Consortium. More specifically:

Bottom-up procedure:

The SeaofSkills partners located in the Mediterranean Sea area have identified the existing local need for a quality fishers’ vocational education and training material that abides to the European and international recommendations. The partner organizations are located in areas characterized by a strong fishing tradition and active fishing operations, as well as, have a strong local network that has enabled them to map the needs expressed by local stakeholders. The local needs identified in those areas were juxtaposed by needs put forward, also, by other E.U. member states. The aim of this well-rounded research was to assure that the deliverables produced within the project would be used by a wide range of stakeholders across Europe.

Top-down procedure:

The needs identification process was followed by a thorough desk research and interviews with field experts. After clearly analysing the needs and depicting the scope and objectives of the project, the process of forming the Consortium was launched. The Consortium consisted of high-caliber partner organisations that share the same objectives and complement each other on expert knowledge, experience, skills and competences. The aim was to create a virtual arrow of co-operation starting from Turkey and Greece, going through Malta, Spain and Ireland.

For further information regarding the SeaofSkills partner organizations, please, click on the following links:

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