Ege University – Faculty of Fisheries



At Ege University, the Faculty of Fisheries was established in 1982 as Fisheries College and then converted to a faculty by the regulation 3837 accepted on 1992. Currently the Faculty has 3 main departments as follows: 1.Department of Marine and Freshwater Science, 2. Department of Aquaculture and 3. Department of Fishing and Seafood Processing Technologies. Faculty of Fisheries aims to train technical personnel (Fisheries Engineer) who have the technological knowledge on fishing, processing technology, and aquaculture; assist students performing the internships on these topics, and guide them to help and serve in the industries of fishing, aquaculture and processing technology. The Faculty, also, has a key role and act as a trainer in the integration of E.C. laws and regulations in fishery, aquaculture and seafood processing sector, also specialized in dealing with problems concerning national and international regulations and standards for fishery and fishery products.


SeaofSkills Team: Mehmet Tolga Dinçer, Vahdet Ünal, Altan LÖK, Zafer Tosunoğlu, Şükran Çaklı, Tevfik Ceyhan

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