Multiplier Events


Five multiplier events were organized within the auspices of the SeaofSkills project:

1. E1 – Multiplier Event Chios (11/03/2017)

2. E2 – Multiplier Event Izmir (20/05/2017)

3. E3 – Multiplier Event Malta (21/04/2017)

4. E4 – Multiplier Event Chios (07/07/2017)

5. E5 – Multiplier Event Barcelona (30/11/2016)

The objectives of all the multipliers were to disseminate to all relevant stakeholders at national, European and international level the project’s rationale, aims, objectives, and deliverables. The success of the multiplier events was made possible through effective and efficient planning, organization, and promotion. These activities included the selection of the appropriate venue, design of materials, selection of catering etc, as well as the selection of the optimum promotional strategy for the event. The events provided an outlet for project communication, but at the same time, they pertained to fora for the exchange of information, opinions, best practices, and recommendations, between and within the target groups. The multipliers benefited from ample coverage in the media, both before and after the event.

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