SeaofSkills Learning/Teaching/Training Activities at Izmir, 3 – 7 May 2017

The SeaofSkills Learning/Teaching/Training Activities at Izmir, during 3rd – 7th May 2017, were organized by Ege University and were concluded successfully. Local partners, namely, the ‘Ege University Faculty of Fisheries’ contributed to the organization and the coordination of the activities, as well as to the dissemination of the project’s results and their sustainability, through face to face contacts with potential CVET experts.

The discussions conducted were a vital part of the activities, since they were centered not only around the material presented in the Learning/Teaching/Training Activities, and the ways of upgrading it, but even more importantly, around the commitments and suggestions of the participants.

The interaction among the Consortium members from the three different countries and the trainees that were present, can be defined as real and substantial experiences. The Consortium members not only attended the lectures, but also shared their experience and knowledge with the trainees.

At the end of the event, the assessment of the activities was conducted by approximately 80% of the trainees. The latter were issued an Attendance Certificate, as well. During the last day of the activities, the Certificates were awarded to the trainees, by the Consortium members, at a special ceremony.

The activities were managed, coordinated, and overseen by Ege University partner manager, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tolga Dincer.

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