SeaofSkills Multiplier Event in Chios, July 7th, 2017

The SeaofSkills Multiplier Event E5 was held on Friday, July 7th, at the ‘Maria Tsakos’ Foundation, M. Livanou 51, Chios, Greece.

The E5 multiplier event of the SeaofSkills project was hosted by the Maria Tsakos Foundation. The press release of the event was sent in advance to all major media outlets, and the event was planned and coordinated with respect to promotional material, hardware, invitations, etc. Its program, invitation, questionnaire, and press releases (pre- and post-event) in Greek, can be accessed at the bottom of this page. The event was a success, with high participation and effective presentations, along with ample press coverage. The questionnaires from the event are to be statistically treated, and participation certificates are to be sent to all participants that provided an email.





Pre-event press release

Post-event press release (tbp)

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