SeaofSkills Multiplier Event in Chios, March 11th, 2017


A multiplier event was organised in Chios, Greece, with the objective to disseminate to all relevant stakeholders the project’s rationale, aims, objectives, and deliverables. The SeaofSkills multiplier event in Chios was of great interest. Invitations were sent electronically and the local media advertised the event. Facebook was also used as a tool to reach people. The organizers also decided to make personal telephone contacts and focus on the main target groups: 1. Public competent authorities 2. Vocational education and training providers (KEK, IEK, etc) As far as fishers are being concerned, the strategy chosen was different. SeaofSkills representatives went to the fishers’ place of work and talked to them individually. Kindly asked to inform the rest of fishers and through them contacted the head of fishers’ association and had a long telephone conversation. Fishers were also contacted by members of their families who were called by the SeaofSkills representatives.

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