SeaofSkills multiplier event organized by the Ege University at the Binbir Gida Conference hall, Faculty of Fisheries

The SeaofSkills Multiplier Event on April 20th 2017, was organized by the Ege University at the Binbir Gida Conference hall, in the Faculty of Fisheries, and was concluded with success.

Participants of the meeting included the Vice Rector of Ege University, Prof.Dr. Cengiz Metin, Deputy Director of Izmir Directorate of Provincial Food Agriculture and Livestock, Hüseyin Akbaş, key person from the Central Fisheries Cooperative Union, Ayşe Taşdemir, Aegean region Cost Guard Command’s key person about fisheries, Sibel Korkmaz, SMEs, eight small scale fishing cooperative leaders and eight active small scale fishermen, CVET trainers and scientists. Also, potential CVET trainers from the Natural Science Institute were in attendance. The Dean and Vice Deans of the Faculty of Fisheries and the ruling committee and the head of Egesem (CVET organization) organization, were also present.

The event included a plenary session in which SeaofSkills was presented by Prof. Tolga Dinçer, followed by a presentation of the SeaofSkills training materials, by the Ege Team researchers. In addition, a round table meeting was performed and the floor was open to ideas, with the main purpose of discussing the current state of training in Turkey and the possibilities of its improvement. In this session, many opinions about the fishing sector training for small scale fishing were expressed. Valuable discussions were conducted between the researchers of the Ege team and the SeaofSkills multipliers.

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