Transnational Project Meetings

As nothing can replace the face-to-face meetings, communication and co-operation among project partners was further facilitated and strengthened by the transnational project meetings that were scheduled to occur at critical project junctions. Managers, Researchers and Trainers attended the transnational project meetings, while day to day communication and co-ordination was realized using web applications that were developed within the framework of the project.

The transnational project meetings dealt with the following:
– Presentation of project status (activities concluded and pending tasks)
– Co-ordination of the teams
– Solving any possible misunderstanding and effectively managing risk
– Making necessary adjustments
– Fora for bringing in specialists/experts
– Training of project partners

M1 – Athens

The Kick-off Transnational Project Meeting of the SeaofSkills project took place in December 16th, 2014 at the conference hall of the Maria Tsakos Foundation at 365 Syngrou Avenue, P. Faliro, Athens – Greece.

Objective of the Kick-off Project Meeting
– 1st meeting of the project partners
– Presentation of the project status
– Co-ordination of activities
– Setting specific milestones
– Presentation of the quality control system by the co-ordinator

M2 – Malta

The Mid-term Transnational Project Meeting of the SeaofSkills Project Partners was hosted by the University of Malta in February 24th – 25th 2016. Hon. MP Roderick Galdes, Parliamentary Secretariat, whose portfolio includes the Maltese Fisheries Sector, honoured the SeaofSkills Consortium and gave an inaugural speech at the beginning of the project meeting. The University of Malta had organized on Thursday, 25th February 2016, a meeting with local stakeholders, where the project was presented, followed by an in-depth discussion.

Objective of the Mid-term Project Meeting:
– Presentation of the project status
– Presentation of the work done by partners according to WPs
– In-depth discussion on the intellectual output developed so far in view of the trainings of trainers and fishers
– Adaptations based on the partners’ feedback
– Setting the following milestones
– Resolve possible issues
– Co-ordination of activities

M3 – Chios

The final SeaofSkills Transnational Meeting M3, was held on Thursday and Friday 6-7 July 2017, at the Maria Tsakos Foundation, M. Livanou 51, Chios, Greece. This meeting involved presentations of the project’s status and of the work conducted by the partners, according to the Work Packages, an in-depth discussion on the process of fishers’ and trainers’ training, the evaluation that followed their respective training, and the adaptations made upon the project’s intellectual outputs. The partners discussed, in a very collaborative atmosphere, all the topics that concern a successful project finalization. Additional topics of discussion and analysis included the sustainability of the project’s results, the optimization of dissemination, communication and promotion of the project, along with the optimum drafting of policy recommendations.

Objective of the Concluding Project Meeting:
– Presentation of the project status
– Presentation of the work done by partners according to WPs
– In-depth discussion on the process of training of trainers and fishers, the evaluation that followed and the adaptations made
– Discussion on the evaluation of the dissemination activities
– Agreement on the final versions of the intellectual outputs
– Co-ordination of the activities regarding the on-line networking and the communication of the policy-making recommendations

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