Project Meetings


A quality communication and co-operation system is developed within the framework of the SeaofSkills project that is based on written correspondence such as emailing, reporting, deliverables, all of which are uploaded at the project’s intranet and on oral communication via conference calls.

However, as nothing can replace the face-to-face meetings, communication and co-operation among project partners is further facilitated and strengthened by three transnational project meetings scheduled to occur at critical project junctions.  Those meetings will deal with the following:

– Presentation of project status

– Co-ordination of the team

– Solving any possible misunderstandings and effectively dealing with risks arisen

– Making necessary adjustments

– Fora for bringing in specialists/experts

– Training of project partners


The following transnational project meetings will be undertaken within the framework of the SeaofSkills project:

Transnational Project Meeting in Athens, Greece – Concluded

Transnational Project Meeting in Izmir, Turkey

Transnational Project Meeting in Msida, Malta

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