SeaofSkills Network


Through the implementation of the SeaofSkills project, the network among all types of relevant stakeholders and at different levels i.e. local, national, European and international level was further strengthened having as a basis the nine-partner SeaofSkills Consortium.

Except of the main target group that of the fishers, selection of the rest of the target groups was made under the following criteria against the project’s context and objectives:

  • Relevance to the project’s subject matter
  • Interest in the sectors involved and the outcomes of the project
  • Medium for implementing the project’s recommendations
  • Opinion making and influence in the society

By having an inclusive approach to target groups, the project results will be better formulated, better communicated, utilized and sustained. The following target groups have been identified at the local, national, regional, European and international level and are presented below classified according to a level-based analysis:

Micro-level: includes groups or individuals who are impacted directly by the project and its outcomes, namely

  • Fishers
  • Trainers
  • Experts
  • Researchers
  • SeaofSkills project partners
  • Vocational education and training providers

Meso-level: comprises all those target groups that fall between the micro- and macro-level, and often mediate the relationships between individual groups and the society, namely,

  • Fisher’s Association
  • Trainers’ Association
  • Professional Organisations
  • SeaofSkills partner organisations

Macro-level: this category contains larger-scale target groups having the responsibility of shaping and supporting decisions on education and training models, on which the outcomes of the project will be embedded, namely,

  • Civil society representatives
  • Chambers
  • Policy-makers and Decision-makers
  • Social Partners

Last but equally important, society as a whole is set to be a target group, since the project aims at fostering improvements on the quality of food, the environment and economic development.

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