Transnational Project Meeting in Chios, Greece


The SeaofSkills Transnational Meeting M3, was held on Thursday and Friday 6-7 July 2017, at the ‘Maria Tsakos’ Foundation, M. Livanou 51, Chios, Greece.

Following the deliberations of the SeaofSkills steering committee, the partners agreed, and thus, the consortium decided, to change the venue of the final translational meeting of the Erasmus+ co-funded project SeaofSkills (‘Enriching Fishers’ Knowledge, Skills, and Competences,’, from the AquaTT offices, to the ‘Maria Tsakos’ Foundation headquarters. The days of the meeting remained as previously set.

This meeting involved presentations of the project’s status and of the work conducted by the partners, according to the Work Packages, an in-depth discussion on the process of fishers’ and trainers’ training, the evaluation that followed their respective training, and the adaptations made upon the project’s intellectual outputs.

The partners discussed, in a very collaborative atmosphere, all the topics that concern a successful project finalization. Additional topics of discussion and analysis, included the sustainability of the project’s results, the optimization of dissemination, communication and promotion of the project, along with the optimum drafting of policy recommendations.



List of participants

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