Underlying Principles


Nine organisations from five countries, namely, Greece, Turkey, Malta, Spain and Ireland formulated the project idea and established the SeaofSkills Consortium.

Four principles guided the formation of the Partnership:

Underlying principles

The principles were specified through the following axes:

  • Expertise on the identified cognitive areas covering the fisheries and the vocational education and training sectors.
  • Track record on implementing activities through which scientific knowledge is applied in practice and positively impact stakeholders.
  • Technical know-how in undertaking activities required for the implementation of the project.
  • Experience and quality of work in conducting EU funded and/or nationally funded projects.
  • Identified skills and competences in European Qualifications Framework (EQF) terms.
  • Geographical coverage by creating a virtual arrow of co-operation starting from Turkey and Greece, going through Malta, Spain and Ireland, where systems are different but with the same interests, those of social wellbeing and prosperity, as well as development and economic growth.
  • The level of closeness to the identified target groups, which facilitates the mapping of their needs, while assuring their engagement and subsequently the sustainability of the project’s outcomes.
  • Vision of contributing beyond the scope of the project towards bringing sustainable impact to relevant stakeholders and community at local, national, regional and European level.
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